Case Study:

The Chilled Recovery


Refrigeration and Food Supply

Northland Refrigeration and Food Supplies, a renowned national supplier in the refrigeration and food industry, was grappling with financial challenges stemming from high business rates. Through a comprehensive historic rates audit conducted by our firm, it was discovered that our client was eligible for a substantial refund of £210,000. Swift action was taken, resulting in the successful investigation and refund process completed within a remarkable four-week timeframe.

Challenges Faced:

High Business Rates: Northland Refrigeration and Food Supplies had been burdened with inflated business rates, impacting their profitability and hindering growth potential.

Financial Strain: The excessive rates placed a significant strain on the company’s finances, limiting investment opportunities and impeding operational efficiency.

Lack of Awareness: The complex nature of the rates system and the historical nature of the overcharges meant that our client was initially unaware of the potential refund they were entitled to.

Historic Rates Audit and Investigation: Our firm initiated a comprehensive historic rates audit for Northland Refrigeration and Food Supplies, meticulously examining their business rates records and history. During the investigation, we uncovered significant overcharges dating back several years, resulting from errors in the calculation and assessment of the rates. Armed with this evidence, we swiftly proceeded to action the refund process on behalf of our client.

The Outcome:

Through our diligent efforts and efficient handling of the case, we successfully achieved a refund of £210,000 for Northland Refrigeration and Food Supplies. The client received the refund within a remarkably short four-week period, providing them with immediate financial relief and the means to revitalise their business operations.

Results Achieved:

Financial Relief: The £210,000 refund provided Northland Refrigeration and Food Supplies with a substantial financial injection. This allowed them to address immediate financial obligations, invest in modernising their infrastructure, and expand their service capabilities.

Competitive Advantage: The reduction in business rates enhanced the company’s competitive edge, enabling them to offer more competitive pricing and attract new customers. This positioned them favourably in the market, leading to increased market share and improved customer loyalty.

Operational Efficiency: The refund allowed Northland Refrigeration and Food Supplies to invest in technological advancements and process optimisation, resulting in enhanced operational efficiency and cost savings.

Employee Morale: The financial relief and renewed growth prospects had a positive impact on employee morale. The refund served as a validation of their hard work and dedication, fostering a more motivated and engaged workforce.

Long-Term Impact: The successful refund obtained through the historic rates audit had a transformative impact on Northland Refrigeration and Food Supplies.

Sustainable Growth: The financial injection enabled the company to pursue growth opportunities, expand their product offerings, and explore new markets. This contributed to long-term sustainability and market resilience.

Reputation Enhancement: The successful refund process enhanced the company’s reputation as a forward-thinking and proactive organization. It demonstrated their commitment to financial prudence and their ability to navigate complex financial landscapes.

Awareness and Proactivity: The case shed light on the importance of regular audits and monitoring of business rates. It encouraged other companies in the industry to reevaluate their rates and seek professional assistance to identify potential overcharges or discrepancies.


The historic rates audit and subsequent refund achieved for Northland Refrigeration and Food Supplies served as a turning point for the company, providing them with significant financial relief and renewed growth opportunities. The £210,000 refund was swiftly actioned within four weeks of investigation, enabling the company to reposition itself in the market, invest in growth initiatives, and enhance operational efficiency. This successful case highlighted the importance of regular rates audits and proactive measures in maximising cost savings.

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