Case Study:

The Industrial Complex Revolution


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The Industrial Complex Management Company owned a vast industrial complex comprising multiple units, each occupied by different businesses. The company was facing challenges in managing the business rates for the complex, as the tenants were individually billed a portion of the total rates. With the involvement of our company, we devised a strategic solution by splitting the units and applying for Small Business Rates Relief for each tenant. As a result, all 20 companies occupying the complex became exempt from paying rates for a remarkable six-year period.

Challenges Faced:

Complex Billing Structure: The billing process for the industrial complex, where multiple businesses operated under one roof, was cumbersome and lacked clarity.

Financial Burden on Tenants: The tenants were struggling with the financial strain of paying individual portions of the total business rates, impacting their profitability and hindering growth.

Administrative Overhead: Managing the rates for each unit and ensuring fair distribution among tenants posed significant administrative challenges for the Industrial Complex Management Company.

Strategic Approach:

Upon taking up the case, our company conducted an in-depth analysis of the industrial complex, its tenants, and the prevailing business rates regulations. Recognising the need for a simplified and fair system, we proposed the following approach.

Unit Split: We divided the industrial complex into individual units based on their size, location, and unique attributes. This ensured a more accurate allocation of business rates and facilitated the implementation of specific relief measures for each unit.

Small Business Rates Relief: We carefully assessed the eligibility criteria for Small Business Rates Relief and identified units occupied by qualifying businesses. By applying for this relief, we aimed to alleviate the financial burden on small businesses within the complex.

Exemption Negotiation: Leveraging our expertise and relationships with local authorities, we negotiated for a special exemption for all 20 companies occupying the complex, relieving them from paying rates for a substantial period of six years.

The Outcome:
Through the implementation of our strategic approach, the Industrial Complex Management Company achieved significant results, benefiting both the company and its tenants.

Results Achieved:

Financial Relief for Tenants: The splitting of units and application of Small Business Rates Relief provided immediate financial relief to all 20 tenant businesses. They were no longer burdened with individual rates payments, allowing them to allocate funds towards growth, investment, and job creation.

Simplified Billing Process: The unit split and separate relief applications streamlined the billing process for the Industrial Complex Management Company. The new system ensured transparency, accuracy, and ease of administration, reducing administrative overhead and improving efficiency.

Enhanced Tenant Satisfaction: The exemption from paying rates for six years boosted tenant satisfaction and loyalty. This positive experience strengthened the relationship between the tenants and the Industrial Complex Management Company, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment.

Attraction of New Businesses: The exemption from business rates for the industrial complex became an attractive proposition for potential tenants. The complex gained a reputation for being business-friendly and financially advantageous, leading to increased interest from businesses seeking to establish or expand their operations.

Long-Term Impact:
The successful rate reduction and exemption achieved by our company had a far-reaching impact on the industrial complex and its tenants.

Sustainable Growth: With the financial burden of rates alleviated, the tenant businesses within the complex experienced increased financial stability, enabling them to reinvest in their operations, expand their workforce, and explore new growth opportunities.

Community Development: The exemption from rates for six years created a supportive environment for businesses, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing among tenants. This resulted in the development of a thriving business community within the industrial complex.

Economic Boost: The improved financial standing of the tenant businesses and the influx of new companies stimulated economic growth in the surrounding area. The complex became a hub of entrepreneurial activity, attracting investments and creating employment opportunities.

Reputation Enhancement: The Industrial Complex Management Company gained a reputation as an industry leader, renowned for its innovative and tenant-centric approach. This positive perception attracted both tenants and investors, further enhancing the complex’s position in the market.


By implementing a strategic approach that involved unit splitting, Small Business Rates Relief, and negotiating exemptions, the Industrial Complex Management Company successfully obtained a substantial reduction in business rates for all 20 tenant businesses within the complex. This groundbreaking achievement not only provided immediate financial relief but also fostered a thriving business community and contributed to the economic growth of the area. The Industrial Complex Management Company established itself as a visionary leader, championing fair and supportive practices in the real estate sector.

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